So this is where I’ve been “attempting” to work for the last few months, so I’ve had to massively reduce the scale of my work – 1.5 x 1 metre canvases don’t really fit… I’ve never been great at working small scale and back in Dublin I usually laid out my canvasses on the floor in our spare room which was huge and airy and very bright (honestly I was spoiled there and didn’t even realise it, but I was also working full time and running around  after my two-year-old so time was a bit limited). Now I’ve much more time but no space. So top of the To-Do List is find a studio space. Ironically, downstairs there’s a huge artist’s studio and the guy who rents it has moved to Germany, so it’s locked up and empty and I have to pass by it every day. (He sells A4 size drawings in Parisien galleries for €14,500 so I guess he can afford to keep it)


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